The Crisis Intervention Association of Pennsylvania



Mark “Kingfish” Wasler Memorial Award:

To honor the memory of our friend and mentor, Mark “Kingfish” Wasler, the Crisis Intervention Association of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the first annual Mark “Kingfish” Wasler Memorial Award. This award honors an exceptional individual in the fields of Crisis Intervention Services, Social Workers, Emergency Services, First Responders or Law Enforcement that have improved the lives of people living with mental illness and addiction, An individual who has helped to increase public understanding of behavioral health in their communities, and in some way devoted their lives to having a positive attitude, joyful personality, and an enthusiasm for helping others.

This special award provides for:

  • Presentation of a plaque and recognition at the Crisis Intervention Association of Pennsylvania annual conference during day one lunch.
  • Fully paid registration of the award recipient to attend the Annual Conference.
  • Lodging and dinner meals at the Tavern while attending the Annual Conference.


  • Nominations must be submitted no later than October 31, 2019.
  • To be eligible for consideration for this award, nominees should be from the following disciplines. Crisis Intervention Counselors, Social Workers, Volunteer Hotlines, Ambulance Groups, Police Departments, Emergency Room Workers, Other Human Services Emergency Workers, County Office MH/MR Administrative Personnel, Community Gatekeepers (clergy, M.D.’s etc.), Hospital Employees, Emergency MH/MR and D&A workers, and Disaster Responders or any other related field.
  • Self-nominations will not be permitted.




The nomination form pdf can be found here.

  • Nominations should be made through the CIAP website at on the form provided.
  • You may nominate no more than 3 individuals.
  • The CIAP will make the final decision as to who the recipient will be.
  • The winner will be notified via email.
  • In the event of the recipient declining or being unable to attend, an alternate recipient will be chosen at the time the initial recipient is chosen.
  • The recipient agrees to have their photo taken and displayed on the CIAP website.